Fundition launched in 2018 and is a platform built on top of the Steem blockchain. Acting as a front-end, or “skin” of the Steem blockchain, it presents certain information in the format of a crowdfunding service. Unlike traditional services, Fundition is at the forefront of what many are calling the new “attention economy” or even Web 3.0. It eliminates the middleman and fees of traditional crowdfunding, and supporters and participants can actually earn while supporting their favorite projects… retaining the value of their own engagement and participation for the first time, rather than allowing social media corporations to monetize it.

The goal of this Fundition campaign is to crowdsource funding for the publication and successful launch of issue #1 of the creator owned comic “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…” by artist/writer Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff.

The base goals include production of a digital edition, publication of a fully printed edition, and a launch presence at a minimum of 1 comic book convention in the eastern United States in 2019. (exact location TBD)

Further stretch goals will allow for up to 2 more variant collectible covers to be issued and ensure the projects success through additional marketing and production considerations.


Through achievement of these goals, it is also an objective to help promote and foster the growth of Steem within the comics community and industry. Marketing materials and convention participation will all heavily promote and refer to Fundition and Steem.


Base Goal: $5,000 USD

Achieving this milestone allows for the printing of no less than 2,000 copies of issue #1 in full color, launch of a digital edition, and convention marketing expenses.

Stretch Goal #1: $7,500 USD

At this level an additional 500 copies will be printed, with a variant blank sketch cover, enabling backers and fans to receive truly one of a kind merchandise and rewards created by my hands, artist and creator Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff.

Stretch Goal #2: $10,000 USD

A second variant cover edition of 500 copies, with artwork commissioned from a secondary artist. The first choice would be industry professional Bret Blevins, whose work first inspired my love of comics and desire to create them way back in 1988. Artist selection is of course tentative based on agreements and cost.

It is intended that this variant will also be a “Steem Exclusive,” requiring it’s purchase to be made with the Steem token as a means of aiding Steem marketing and encouraging and rewarding account signups and existing users.

All reward tiers also include the rewards of the tiers below them as well.


Tier #1 – $3 Support

A digital copy of issue #1 of “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”


Tier #2 – $10 Support

A printed copy of issue #1 of “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”


Tier #3 – $25 Support

Your name included in a list of supporters in the inaugural letters column of issue #1.


If stretch goal #1 is achieved at $7500, tier 4 is unlocked!

Tier #4 – $75 Support

A copy of the blank sketch cover variant complete with hand drawn original art by Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff.


If stretch goal #2 is achieved at $10,000 tier 5 is unlocked!

Tier #5 -$125 Support

A copy of the Steem exclusive variant cover by TBD.

The following are some of the basic tenets and principles by which I intend to run the Fundition/Steem based crowdfunding campaign for “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…” #1. While decentralized crowdfunding is great, it’s also a Wild West, and requires trust on the part of supporters and an understanding of what to expect in how the process will be conducted.


Receiving Rewards for Support of the Project

  • All Rules and Calculations of Backer Reward Levels can be found at
  • Rewards are not dependent on the project achieving fully funded status on Fundition. Should the project move forward through any combination of crowdsourced initiatives and private funding, backers will be entitled to the rewards level they reached. The only limiting factor is if the project does not reach completion at all due to any unforeseen financial or personal issues. Tentative completion date and release of the project and rewards is broadly set as summer of 2019. Updates, progress, and news can always be found at
  • Voting services and platform based vote support are not eligible to receive rewards directly. Vote support that may be received from initiatives such as Fundition itself, SteemPress, Steem Basic Income, and other automated or community building services on the Steem blockchain will not receive the rewards directly, only individual account holders are eligible. However, I will make donations of rewards from the appropriate tiers to charities such as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Hero Initiative, and others in the name of the supporting projects, to help raise awareness of both “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…” and the individual Steem based projects and Steem ecosystem as a whole.
  • New reward tiers and “stretch goals” may be added following the launch of the campaign, so please follow news and announcements through the website and social media channels!
  • All backers achieving a reward tier will be contacted directly on the Steem blockchain via wallet memo with instructions on how to supply and verify any information needed for the fulfillment of the earned rewards.



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